ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 05: Dalvin Cook #4 of the Florida State Seminoles carries the ball in the first half against the Mississippi Rebels during the Camping World Kickoff at Camping World Stadium on September 5, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Despite struggles and lack of explosiveness, Jimbo Fisher says Dalvin Cook is not injured

Is coach trying to hide something?

After emerging as one of the most explosive and dynamic players last year, Dalvin Cook has either been completely figured out, been injured or has gotten absolutely no help from his offensive line. There's probably a combination of all three that explains why he's only averaging 4.56 yards carry —- a modest number in the college game —- and is only averaging 76 yards rushing per game.

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That has led some people to speculate that he might be injured and is still feeling the effects of his shoulder injury that required surgery. However, coach Jimbo Fisher insists that Cook is just fine and is even healthier than he was last year.

"There's nothing wrong with Dalvin," Fisher said Monday. "The normal bumps and bruises...probably healthier than he was a year ago when you get right down to it."

If you watch Showtime's "A Season With" though —- this season features the Seminoles —- you might have noticed that Cook was actually receiving treatment on his shoulder during down time.

Now, this might be normal precautionary measures to make sure the shoulder stays healthy or it could be soreness or some other ailment that needs attention. We don't really know, but to say that Cook is fine might be a bit of a cover up to shift blame away from his pretty bad blocking for quarterback Deondre Francois against Louisville.

This might turn out to be something to keep an eye on for the season, especially if Cook continues to struggle running the ball.


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