FSU DB Jalen Ramsey thinks the Seminoles being underdogs against Oregon is very dumb

Let me remind you of one very important statistic — the Florida State Seminoles have won 29 straight games. Regardless if they won by one point or 50 during the stretch, it doesn't matter because they're all a part of the magnificent winning streak.

However, sports betting books have set a large line in favor of Oregon for the Rose Bowl. Currently on Bovada, the Ducks are a nine-point favorite over the Seminoles. Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey can't understand why his team would be serious underdogs.

Ramsey makes a very good point. It should be noted that the Noles have taken teams' best shot each and every week and have taken care of business.

But there's no doubt about it, Oregon is the toughest team that Florida State has faced during the streak. But we shouldn't doubt the Noles' ability to compete with anyone.