Jimbo Fisher just admitted something that should make FSU fans furious

For the right move, huh?

While rumors floated about Jimbo Fisher's availability to leave Florida State (and land at LSU) just last season, the Seminoles head coach noted he wasn't interested then and isn't interested now about even leaving for an NFL gig, but could be some day, per Pro Football Talk.

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"You can't ever say never in this business," Fisher told the Palm Beach Post.

"I love college and I had opportunities to go to pro football as an assistant coach and as a coordinator and I've had inquiries as a head coach," Fisher said. "It's got to be the right organization at the right time and the right situation if you're ever interested. We have a great situation where I'm at. It's not something that drives me."

Fisher has won a national championship and three ACC crowns during his six seasons at Florida State.