Kirk Herbstreit thinks Florida State is the scariest team in the nation

The Florida State Seminoles are the only undefeated team in a power 5 conference, yet the Noles are ranked No. 3 in the College Football Playoff rankings. The criticism FSU is facing is its inability to dominate teams for four quarters.

But the most important stat — or at least it should be — is if Florida State wins or not. Kirk Herbstreit joined Mike & Mike this morning to talk about the Noles. Here's what he had to say:

"As much as people wanna criticize the way they dig themselves into a hole, I don't know why people don't wanna recognize what they do in the second half and the respect people should have for what they're doing with the pressure that's on them, being the defending champs, taking everybody's best shot and finding a way to come back and win games when it looks like they don't have a chance to win it."

"On a neutral field, I'd have a hard time with Jameis Winston," Herbstreit said. "Florida State, I feel like, is becoming. . . I said on the telecast during the Miami game, when I travel all around the country, I feel like Florida State has become the villain, the 'Darth Vader.' I feel like, whether it's because of Jameis Winston or it's because they're the defending champs or it's a combination thereof or if it's Jimbo Fisher, whatever it is, they seem to be the team that everybody's pulling against outside of Tallahassee."

"So, of all the teams that I would not wanna play on a neutral field, it would be Florida State," Herbstreit said. "With the combination of the talent that they have, along with the quarterback and the heart of the champion, they're gonna be a hard out for somebody."

Florida State hosts Boston College this weekend. That game kicks off at 3:30 p.m.