Lee Corso may have leaked where GameDay is headed next week

Did Lee Corso spill the beans?

While Week 2 certainly feels like a down week after plenty of drama from the opening slate of games, Week 3 of the college football season should prove to be an entertaining one.

While sites such as Alabama vs. Ole Miss, Michigan State vs. Notre Dame and Ohio State vs. Oklahoma seem like obvious possibilities, it sounds like ESPN's Lee Corso may have spoiled the surprise when talking up Louisville's Lamar Jackson, as the Cards face off in a highly-anticipated matchup against Florida State in Week 3.

Tomahawk Nation followed suit shortly after:

Before the season began, the Cardinals looked on paper like the only true threat out of the ACC to compete with Florida State and Clemson.

Louisville has certainly played the part early in the season, and will have a chance to do so next Saturday against the Seminoles.