One-time FSU WR Randy Moss wants Jameis Winston to reach out to him for advice

Back in his playing days, Randy Moss was 100 times worse than what Jameis Winston is today. Moss' laundry list of questionable behavior is incredibly long. But Moss has turned around his life and would be the perfect person to speak with Winston.

Moss was a superstar in his playing days, like Winston, but always seemed to be in trouble.

In his senor year of high school, Moss was involved in a racially charged fight that took away his admission into Notre Dame. Moss then enrolled at Florida State. As a freshman at FSU, Moss violated his probation from the fight for testing positive for marijuana. He served jail time and was kicked out of school. He then enrolled at Marshall where he was a star wide receiver.

His antics continued in the NFL (e.g. pretending to moon Green Bay Packers fans), but now as a Fox Sports analyst, you can tell that Moss is a changed man who wants to help others not be like him. The receiver faced times where he thought he wouldn't be given another chance. I truly feel like speaking with Moss would open up Winston's eyes.

Listen to what Moss had to say in the video above.

In an unrelated note, if you haven't watch Moss' ESPN 30 for 30, check it out here. You won't regret it.