Rapper thinks FSU's "luck" will run out when it faces Miami

Despite being undefeated and having a four-game winning streak over Miami, the "luck" will run out on Nov. 15, according to this rapper. That's when Miami and FSU square off.

Luther Campbell, of 2 Live Crew, and a noted Hurricanes fan tweeted that Florida State should get ready to lose when the rivals square off in less than two weeks.

I don't know if Campbell is delusional or not, but Miami isn't a great football team. It's going to take another great football team to have a chance to beat the Noles.

FSU has won the previous seven of nine matchups, and it should be eight of 10 after this year's game.

Campbell continued tweeting shots at FSU. He said Seminoles are "wannabe Canes."

What a joke. Let's hope the Noles shut Campbell up on Nov. 15.