Samantha Ponder: "Patience is wearing thin"

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher backed out of his scheduled College Gameday interview with Samantha Ponder last minute. So what do the CGD guys do? They give Ponder the floor to allow her to express her feelings on the Jameis Winston and from that comes some of the best stuff we've seen from her.

She was eloquent, honest, and held nothing back.

Here's what I'm not buying. I'm not buying that the expectations are too high. Here's what we're asking from him: we're asking that you don't lie, you don't cheat, you don't steal, and you don't disrespect women.

Ponder continued on to point out that Winston knows right from wrong, and that pointing out that he's immature or 19 is not giving him enough credit. You can watch the full video here via Deadspin.