Georgia Tech punter gets hit with a spinebuster

Georgia Tech is hosting the Miami Hurricanes and the two ACC Coastal teams are locked in a tight battle. Paul Johnson understands the importance of this game so he's pulling out all the stops, including a fake punt inside their own territory in the second quarter.

The punter takes the snap and runs for the first down. Everything is fantastic. He converted and is, for the moment, a minor hero. And then...

Oh no. The poor punter. He gets hit with a textbook spinebuster, Arn Anderson style, by the Miami defender. He tried to do a jump-cut, which is just an incredibly confident move for a punter, and ends up getting picked up by the defender.

gt spinebuster


I mean, this is like when a child throws a tantrum and the kids parent just scoops them up and carries them out of the room. I guess the Miami defender was not please that his team was just run all over by a punter because he SLAMS him down.

(Vine via @WillBrinson)