Live mic catches a Notre Dame coach during an absolutely NSFW pre-game rant @WillManso/Twitter

Notre Dame and Miami are essentially playing for a potential College Football Playoff spot tonight and the stakes are pretty high. So much so that Notre Dame defensive coordinator Mike Elko forgot there was a live mic and got caught dropping two f-bombs:

Here’s just some of what he said in the rant:

“You go out tonight, you show the world what this f***in’ group is all about, you hear me? They can have the chain, we’re gettin’ the f***ing rings.”

That will surely have his players fired up for the game, but some fans probably won’t like that language too much. Elko is referring to the turnover chains that Miami defensive players get if they force a turnover and it’s been a pretty good gimmick so far as the Hurricanes have the nation’s 4th-best turnover margin at a positive 1.38 per game and they’ve caused 20 turnovers as well.

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