Reserve defensive linemen making their mark in practice

The two Derricks on the defensive line, Mitchell Jr and Nnadi, seem to be making their mark in practice this week. Jimbo Fisher was impressed with Derrick Mitchell Jr. specifically.

"He's playing as good as anybody. He's played a lot of ball, played almost the whole game the other day and probably played the best of any front guy that we had."

Fellow defenseman, DeMarcus Walker, praised the two as well saying there's basically no difference between them and the starters.

"Our coaches do a great job of coaching everybody up so when our guys go down you don't see a difference coming up the middle. Because Mitch, Nnadi, all them just came in the same type of players, even better than the starters."

Mitchell is all healed up from his back injury the last two years and is ready to go. The freshman Nnadi is playing beyond his years and may even start against Clemson should the starters still be injured.