Tyrone Crowder: a heavy matter

Clemson right guard Tyrone Crowder is a redshirt freshman and he's ready to make his impact felt this year. He wasn't redshirted because of an injury or grades or even because he wasn't necessarily good enough to start. The coaching staff felt it was best for him to take his 380-pound (at the time) frame and slim it down a bit. The newly fit 325-pounder is feeling better and much more prepared to contribute to this team.

"Last year, I got mentally better and I got in the power program and got stronger," Crowder told TigerNet.com. "That helped me a lot. Power hour is pretty awesome because we work on so many things, like technique. There are a lot of things that benefit you as an offensive lineman, so it really helps, especially with strength in my lower body. It helped trim down my weight and add muscle mass - I think I have the highest muscle mass on the team right now."

The weight gain in his senior year of high school came from a senior project he was working on with police. He went on more than his fair share of ride-alongs and couldn't quite get in the gym as often as he might have wanted to throughout the year. However, today he's benching 425 pounds and squatting 600 so he's clearly committed to getting in shape and ready to make plays for the Tigers.