Archie Manning departure raises question marks in Playoff Selection Committee

Archie Manning was one of 13 members of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee before news broke that he would have to take a leave of absence.

Due to undergoing surgery next month to help relieve discomfort stemming from recent knee replacement surgery, Manning won't be able to travel to meetings and he'll be focused on recovering from this procedure.

His absence leaves just 12 members on the committee, and the Ole Miss graduate won't be replaced, leaving potential issues in the voting process, per ESPN.

"In the event of a 6-6 deadlock on a vote, for example, of the top two teams in the playoff, the selection committee will continue to discuss and re-vote until someone makes a change. There is no process through which, for example, the chair's vote breaks a tie. The College Football Playoff has also stressed that no committee member is a representative of a conference, and of course, the chair of the committee also has an SEC connection."

The Playoff Selection Committee couldn't have come up with another candidate to smooth things out? When it's time to make the final vote, this could get ugly.