Art Briles responds to recent sexual assault allegations against Baylor

Last week, ESPN’s Outside the Lines, released a bombshell report of how Baylor University handles sexual assault cases. The report tells the story of a female student, Tanya, who was sexually assaulted by former Bears football player Tevin Elliott. Elliott was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison. Baylor’s campus police declined to help Tanya since the assault happened off school grounds, while the university’s health center suggested she seek counseling from an off-campus facility because the center was so busy.

Baylor football head coach Art Briles has since responded to the allegations during an interview with Fox Sports’ “The Audible” podcast, originally coming on the assist with National Signing Day coverage. Here’s part of what Briles had to say about the OTL report.

“I actually didn’t watch it, but my reaction is sadness and sorrow because it’s something you never want to be associated with,” Briles told FOX Sports. “You’d like to think you’re immune to it, but I’m not sure anybody is.

“As those things come up, you deal with them to the best that you’re capable of doing. Then, you try to educate and make awareness to it and hopefully, it never happens again.”

OTL’s Paula Lavigne says this not an isolated incident and that school officials either failed to investigate, or adequately investigate, allegations of sexual violence and in many cases, officials did not provide support to those who reported assaults.

Briles was also asked about if the allegations have affected the football program with respect to recruiting prospects.

“It really never came up, and I think that speaks well probably for the substance and consistency that we’ve had as a program and as a staff here and hopefully the reputation and integrity that people know that we operate under on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s a societal problem, and hopefully, we can get it taken care of through awareness and education.” Briles said via Fox Sports.

Last summer, grave questions arose after the school’s handling of Sam Ukwuachu’s case in 2015. This OTL report is now the most recent development to Baylor’s alleged mishandling of sexual assault cases.

Here’s the full interview with Briles, courtesy of Sound Cloud.

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