Some trickery gave one defender the chance to take Baylor’s punter’s head off Clippi screenshot

Punters aren’t known for their ability to run, though Baylor’s backup punter, Connor Martin, tested that theory against Kansas State.

Down 20-3 in the third quarter, the Bears obviously felt they had nothing to lose. On fourth and four between the Kansas State 40 and 50-yard line, Baylor took the chance and called a perfectly timed fake punt.

Martin took the snap, Kansas State bailed out into punt return formation and instead of running to go get the football, the punter’s up-backs became lead blockers.

That led to a first down for Baylor and a huge run for Martin, who looked more like Reggie Bush for a minute than a backup punter.

Unfortunately, right near the end of the play, Martin must have felt like Bush because instead of sliding and doing the right thing in terms of self-preservation, he elected to run straight into a swarm of Kansas State defenders.

He paid the price for that decision:

Martin bounced back up and ran off the field like a boss, so good for him. As the broadcast noted, he wasn’t even expecting to play today, which made this run even better.

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