WACO, TX - OCTOBER 24: Baylor Bears head coach Art Briles watches his team before the Iowa State Cyclones take on the Baylor Bears at McLane Stadium on October 24, 2015 in Waco, Texas. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Baylor finally admits what was the school's worst fear, and it should halt the bring back Briles train

And it gets even worse.

Just one week after staging a questionable blackout reportedly in support of fired head coach Art Briles, and following coaches showing support through a released Twitter statement, Baylor has finally acknowledged what had been reported and speculated in the past — Briles and former athletic director Ian McCaw knew of alleged sexual assaults and chose to do nothing.

Here's what the school said in a university-released statement:

"In April 2013, a female student-athlete reported to her head coach that she had been sexually assaulted by five Baylor football players approximately one year earlier. The student-athlete provided her head coach with the names of the involved football players. The head coach immediately reported the assault, including the names of the reported players, to the then-Athletic Director, to the head football coach, and to the sports administrator for the female student-athlete's team. According to Baylor's investigation, neither the head coach, the Athletic Director, the sports administrator or the football coach disclosed the reported sexual assault to Baylor's Judicial Affairs or to anyone else outside of the Athletics Department."

That's one week after this was tweeted from the coaching staff:

This comes after the Wall Street Journal released a report detailing how 17 women reported sexual or domestic assaults by 19 players since 2011 at Baylor. Those incidents included four alleged gang rapes, per the report.

This report includes details where Briles admits he had a system where he was the "last to know."

It's a horrible look for a coach, much less a human being, to reportedly show a lack of caring or humanity to students and young women.

This is just the latest after the school released a presser detailing the reasons the school took the steps it did.

Included, was a shocking few paragraphs that detailed the football coaches and staff took steps to disclose the sexual assault or dating violence allegations, thus not allowing the University to take the proper steps. Because the coaches did this, it reportedly "discredited" complaints and denied the accusers a right to "a fair, impartial and informed investigation."

There's simply no way this man should be considered for a head coaching gig again.