Baylor kicker gets destroyed after getting his kicked blocked by Michigan State

Michigan State made an incredible comeback to win the Cotton Bowl 42-41 over Baylor after trailing 41-21 in the fourth quarter. One of the biggest plays of the game for Michigan State was blocking a late field goal attempt by Baylor that would have put the Bears up nine points.

The block was impressive, but, to add injury to insult, Baylor's kicker got absolutely blasted on a block as he ran after the player who had scooped it up to return it.

And now with Good Ol' JR on the call:

The Spartans took advantage of the short field and scored the game-winning touchdown on fourth down with 17 seconds remaining. The Spartan defense got two sacks and then pressured Baylor QB Bryce Petty into an interception to seal the win on third down.