DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 30: Charlotte 49ers head coach Biff Poggi looks on from the sideline during the game between the SMU Mustangs and the Charlotte 49ers on September 30, 2023 at Gerald J. Ford Stadium in Dallas, TX.
Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Charlotte's Biff Poggi Delivers All-Time Hilarious In-Game Interview

Charlotte 49ers head coach Biff Poggi could not have been more honest if he tried during an in-game interview on ESPN Friday night.

There are a lot of fans across all sports who feel as though in-game interviews have become increasingly mundane and pointless, offering nothing worthwhile to the broadcast. On Friday night, Charlotte 49ers head coach Biff Poggi completely did away with that notion in a matter of 26 blistering seconds.

Clad in what's become his no-frills, signature look of a sleeveless shirt and shorts, Poggi gave what was quite possibly the greatest, most unfiltered assessment a coach has ever offered up during a college football game.

Here's what Poggi had to say about his team's lackluster performance against Florida Atlantic.

"When we hurt ourselves, we're like watching sausage being made, it's just a horrifying experience. And you know look, it's just football. For God's sake, just block and tackle people, do what you're supposed to do. Don't do anything else, don't talk to anybody, don't push it. I don't care what anybody says, you just do your damn job," coach Poggi ranted.

Truly remarkable words from a wonderfully honest man who deeply wanted his football team to do just that — play football. And really, does anyone expect or even want a man named Biff to be any other way?

Somewhere, Bill Belichick is likely smiling ear to ear after hearing "just do your damn job" and perhaps wondering what Poggi's contract buyout might be. Because that right there is one of the most "Football Guys" roaming earth at the moment.

To the surprise of no one, Biff Poggi has never been one to mince words. Back in late June, the Charlotte 49ers coach went at on Twitter/X with Trey Kavanaugh, an offensive quality control assistant at Appalachian State. Kavanaugh had been critical of Poggi in a since deleted post. Nonetheless, Poggi came through with the windmill dunk.

Yes, that sure sounds like the same head coach we heard from on Friday night while his team was getting walloped by Florida Atlantic.

Charlotte is now 2-6 on the season in Poggi's first year at the helm. Might be a safe guess to think Charlotte will put out a more complete effort come next week against Tulsa.

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