ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 26: Head coach Art Briles of the Baylor Bears at Cowboys Stadium on November 26, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

AFCA decides against allowing Art Briles to speak following monumental backlash


That didn't last long. Only hours after AFCA gave reasons for why it would be allowing Art Briles to speak at its coaches convention, a complete change of heart has been announced on Monday morning.

AFCA Executive Director Todd Berry, who went out of his way to explain why Briles was a smart choice to be a speaker, released a statement discussing why the scandalous former Baylor Bears coach will now not be doing any such thing.

We discussed, in great length, why Berry's sentiment rang hollow while he was trying to convince America that Briles is worth having at the coaches convention. You should check that out.

Berry, who isn't really backing down from his original thoughts, provided The Athletic his reasoning for why Briles would be a good fit.


"It's our responsibility to educate coaches," AFCA executive director and former Louisiana Monroe head coach Todd Berry told The Athletic. "Certainly one of the things Coach Briles experienced, and one of the things I believe he's going to share, is there are some things that happened and he can share an experience no one else can with our group, so that we can avoid issues down the road.

"While there are things you know in theory, the reality is you're going to gain more from someone who experienced it, that knows what to look for."

I don't know what is stranger, to be honest. The fact that AFCA thought having Briles be a speaker would be good for coaches, or if the organization thought the backlash would be minimal?