Video: Baker Mayfield apologizes for flag planting at Ohio Stadium


Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield made headlines on Saturday night after planting the Oklahoma flag in the Ohio State "O" emblem at the 50-yard-line of Ohio Stadium following the Sooners' 31-16 victory.

Some have viewed it as a well-deserved celebration while others found it disrespectful. On Monday, Mayfield apologized to the latter group, claiming he didn't intend to disrespect Ohio State after a hard-fought victory.

"It was an emotional game," Mayfield said. "I told you guys last week that it was going to have a lot of implications on the playoffs and so that's the way we prepared. It was an emotional game and so after the game it did not meant to be disrespectful to any Ohio State people, especially not the team or the players because they're a great team and a great program so I didn't mean it to be disrespectful at all. We do the flag thing at OU-Texas and that's just something I got caught up in in an emotional win. Yeah, it should have been something I did in the locker room so I apologize for doing it in the middle of the field."

Mayfield threw for 386 yards and three touchdowns during Saturday's win over the Buckeyes which, as he mentioned, played a major early role in the shaping of the College Football Playoff picture.

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