STILL WATER, OK - SEPTEMBER 10: Quarterback Cooper Rush #10 of the Central Michigan Chippewas and tight end Tyler Conklin #83 of the Central Michigan Chippewas celebrate after a NCAA football game, September 10, 2016 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Central Michigan won 30-27 on the last play of the game. (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)

Big 12 and the MAC suspend nearly everyone involved in the CMU-Oklahoma State debacle

This was the right thing to do.

The Big 12 replay officiating crew and MAC on-field officiating crew that worked the Central Michigan-Oklahoma State game were downright awful. The on-field crew clearly didn't know the rule regarding untimed downs and when those are awarded to a team and that let the Chippewas win the game 30-27.

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The Cowboys had to run a play with four seconds left on the clock on 4th-and-13. Quarterback Mason Rudolph killed some time after the clock and threw the ball away out of bounds. However, it was called intentional grounding and that should have ended the game since OSU was the offensive team. Instead, the officials gave CMU an untimed down and that led to the miracle hook-and-ladder for the huge upset.

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As it turns out, both conferences are going to suspend their respective officiating crews and they should after this debacle. Here's the official statement from the MAC:

And the Big 12 will also be suspending it's replay crew:

Here's their official statement:

"The crew missed an opportunity to advise the MAC officiating crew of the misapplication of the penalty giving CMU an untimed down that resulted in its game-winning touchdown. NCAA rules permit instant replay to correct egregious errors and it is unacceptable that it did not occur in this situation. Additionally, this replay crew will not be eligible for assignment to an end-of-season bowl game."

That's a pretty harsh penalty, but that's what they get for allowing a bad penalty of their own during a tight game. This could potentially change the landscape of the playoffs if the Cowboys win out in the Big 12.