This Big 12 school just had the lamest field rush, and these students should be embarrassed

They hadn't won a game since November of 2014.

The Big 12 has had an interesting day with Oklahoma losing to Houston and Kansas losing to Stanford. TCU is on the ropes against South Dakota State, but Kansas football finally got a win! The Jayhawks went 0-12 last year and their last win was in November of 2014 so naturally the fans were pretty ecstatic about a win.

It looks like they might have been a little excited though as some of the fans took to the field to celebrate the win and the PA announcer embarrassed them a little bit.

It might have been the most pathetic field rush of all-time though as this was the scene:

Yikes. If you're going to rush the field perhaps do it with a lot more people. This wouldn't happen with the basketball team, that's for sure.