Bret Bielema throws the "horns down" in handshake with Texas' Charlie Strong

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is no stranger to a little bit of controversy or ruffling the feathers of opposing teams and coaches. Ahead of the Texas Bowl matchup with the Texas Longhorns, the two coaches met up for a photo op in front of the trophy, and — being the legend he is — Bielema threw the "horns down" while shaking Charlie Strong's hand.

A lot of folks thought it was a photoshop in the still image, but a news station went to the game tape and revealed that he did indeed slowly put the horns down while photos were being taken.

I really want to know if this was the result of some sort of bet that someone told Bielema that they didn't think he would do it, or if he's just that ridiculous to do it on his own. Either way, this game is certainly going to be interesting even if it is a matchup of two 6-6 teams.

(h/t SB Nation)