CFB stalwart predicts his four playoff teams with one powerhouse notably missing

How could he possibly forget these guys?

There are a ton of people out there already making their predictions for who will end up in the College Football Playoffs for 2016. Most people have Alabama and Clemson making it again with some variation of Oklahoma, Michigan, LSU and Ohio State taking the other two spots.

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However, college football aficionado and former ESPN employee Tim Brando took his shot at the top four teams that would make the playoffs this coming season and seems to have left out one of the major powerhouses.

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That's right. Somehow, Brando left Alabama —- the defending champs no less —- off his list and instead has the LSU Tigers coming out of the SEC West. While LSU will likely have superior running back play —- who's going to outrush Leonard Fournette this season? —- the quarterback situation is still one that scares most fans and analysts. Michigan has also been a popular pick with the way coach Jim Harbaugh has been recruiting and the way the team overperformed last season and came within one botched punt of getting to the playoffs.