Charlie Strong's interview after Kansas loss is just heartbreaking

Texas lost to Kansas on Saturday for the first time since 1938.

Charlie Strong hasn't exactly brought in the results that most Texas fans seek out of their program, but there is generally a consensus about Strong: he's a good guy.

So even if you are upset with Strong's tenure at Texas, this response after Texas lost to Kansas on Saturday is just heartbreaking.

"I don't know," Strong said a clearly emotional when asked about his future. "No idea."

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It appears that Strong likely knows his tenure as the Longhorns head coach is coming to an end, and it is sad to see him facing it like this.

What is likely next for Strong? Despite the bad times at Texas, Strong was still a very successful head coach when he was at Louisville. He has the resume to get another head coaching gig, but he could also go back to being a defensive coordinator like he was at Florida.