Former Super Bowl champ and OU star says Trevor Knight is in a 'real conference' now

Shots fired!

In his last year at Oklahoma, Trevor Knight was beat out for the quarterback spot by Baker Mayfield. That prompted Knight to transfer to Texas A&M where it looks very much like he is going to be the starter and lead the team.

However, Mayfield is looking more like the Heisman candidate right now after throwing for 3,700 yards and 36 touchdowns and leading the Sooners to the College Football Playoff last season.

Former OU star Tony Casillas thinks the difference between the two is pretty large, but not in the way most people might imagine.

Not only does Casillas think the former back-up is better than the guy who beat him out for a job, but he basically called the Big 12, the conference he played in, a fake conference. That's some bold stuff from the two-time Super Bowl winner and Lombardi Award winner.


[h/t CollegeSpun]