A UCF receiver blows Oklahoma fans kisses.
Screenshot from Twitter

UCF Receiver's Kiss Celebration Pissed off Oklahoma Coach Brent Venables

UCF nearly upset Oklahoma in Norman, and one kissing celebration on a Knights touchdown irked Oklahoma's head coach.

The UCF Knights went big game hunting in Norman on Saturday, and they didn't look phased at all searching for an upset in front of  a raucous Sooners crowd.

UCF seized control of the game late in the second half with an explosive 87-yard touchdown catch from Javon Baker as he simultaneously irked Oklahoma head coach Brent Venables by blowing a kiss to the sidelines.

Venables nearly went purple-faced as he screamed at officials to throw a flag for taunting. His sideline hysterics weren't enough to draw a penalty or stop Baker from strolling into the end zone, but Oklahoma wound up surviving the scare and sneaking away with the victory. 

One thing is for sure, Gus Malzahn and his offense had the Sooners defense completely beat on this play. At first glance, it seemed UCF's John Rhys Plumlee was going to keep the ball himself on a read option. The Oklahoma defense surged toward him as he ran toward the line of scrimmage and launched the football at the last moment. Baker was wide open streaking down the sideline and Plumlee's pass found its mark.

Baker was so open in fact he had ample time to celebrate before crossing into the end zone. He forwent the classic high step celebration for a much spicier "kiss goodbye" motion to the Oklahoma sideline. Sooners fans booed and Venables went absolutely berserk.

Maybe Venables should be yelling more at his defense, as the Sooners struggled to contain the Knights in this game, allowing Knights' offense and Plumlee to find a rhythm with his receivers. Baker used his long score to add to an active day as the senior racked up five catches for 134 yards and two touchdowns, and the Knights didn't go quietly in Norman. 

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