Lee Corso has a terrifying take on two of college football's biggest powerhouses

Well this would shake things up.

Here we go again.

The potential for Big 12 expansion dominated much of 2016, but that was mostly put to a halt when the conference finally opted against expansion. However, the threat of conference realignment has yet to completely wane, and Lee Corso thinks the Big 12 could again be the spark for such movement... but with Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 instead.

Corso had this to say at a charity event in Houston: (H/T Saturday Down South)

"No, there's still some changes to come. I think the one place that's got to be careful is the Big 12 conference. If the Big 12 doesn't do something, I wouldn't be surprised if Texas and Oklahoma leave 4-5 years from now and go someplace else just like Texas A&M did."

Well that would be one way to turn college football on its head.

There are no indications that either Texas or Oklahoma want to leave the Big 12 right now, but it will be interesting to see where that stands in a couple of years if the Big 12 continues to be left out of the College Football Playoff. It's already happened in two of the three Playoffs so far, and if it continues to happen... well, then maybe those couple could look for a new home.