Top 10 team falls after one of the worst play calls of the season

This wasn't smart...

Oklahoma State has one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Mason Rudolph, but their fate in a loss to No. 16 TCU didn't fall in Rudolph's hands.

Instead, Mike Gundy's team went for a trick play while down 37-24 in the fourth quarter, as they pitched the ball to star receiver Jalen McCleskey in attempt to run a pass play. It did not go well.

Not ideal when you were already driving, and the play was panned by several observers of the game.

The interception by TCU allowed the Horned Frogs to soak up another two minutes of precious time on the clock before Oklahoma State got the ball back. Oklahoma State was then able to score to make it a one score game, but TCU responded with a touchdown and then another interception to ice the game.

TCU won by a final of 44-31, and will surely move up in the rankings as they go to 4-0 on the season.