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Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy is the king of press conferences with his modern day mullet and love for smoothies. He’s also a rather generous and caring man who wants his biggest supporters to remain in his corner.

Despite a 6-6 season, something nobody in Stillwater, Oklahoma is too thrilled about, the veteran Cowboys head coach decided to help pay off a bet an Oklahoma City radio host made at the beginning of the regular season.

The bet was made by a man named Rob Benton (AKA Spinozi and @12thingsthebook on Twitter), an Oklahoma City radio personality who put $250 down on OSU winning more than eight games back in August. That obviously didn?t happen, so Gundy stepped in to pay off the debt with a check, autographed photo, and absolutely hilarious letter.

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The letter is legendary and should be framed immediately:


I have many H.S. buddies who consume way too much alcohol, which leads to listening to talk radio. The rumor is you bet on our team and lost your money. We came up short, so I thought the manly (51) thing to do is reimburse a guy for believing in our TEAM!

Thanks for your loyal support!

You Favorite Coach,

Mike Gundy?

The check should also be framed by Spinozi, who works for WWLS The Sports Animal. It?s not everyday you get a personal check in the mail from a college football coach, especially when it says ?Loyal & True? on the memo line.


So, in a single envelope, the 51-year-old Gundy managed to pay off a man?s debt, send him a rare piece of memorabilia, and write a letter for the ages that even jokes about the infamous ?I?m a Man! I?m 40!? ranting press conference. Amazing.


It?s hard telling how the Oklahoma State Cowboys will do against an old Big 12 foe, the Missouri Tigers, in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl on New Year?s Eve, but it?s easy to say Coach Gundy gets another tally in the off-field win column for this one.

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