Report: Big 12 could get a championship game without expansion

It's about time!

FBS representatives are meeting this week to discuss the Big 12's recent proposal to deregulate conference championship games. If this proposal is approved it would allow the Big 12 —- which only has 10 teams in it —- to hold a conference championship game despite not having the numbers to do so. It would also allow the Big 12 to do it without splitting into divisions or adding two more teams like every other conference requires.

The Big Ten countered with a proposal that would allow conferences to hold championship games with fewer than 12 teams, but would require them to split into divisions, something the Big 12 does not want to do.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said that he does not expect the proposal to get approved and that could mean that the Big 12 will seek a compromise. A high-ranking official at a voting conference told SB Nation it is "likely" that the Big Ten proposal will be amended to allow for a conference with round-robin scheduling to hold a football championship of its own, so long as that conference's top two seeds compete in the game.

Either way, it's really about time that the Big 12 got its act together and got a conference championship. Oklahoma got into the semifinals this year for the College Football Playoffs, but the conference was left out last year with two one-loss teams complaining about not making it to the CFP. With a conference championship that should no longer be an issue and should better the strength of schedule for the conference.

[h/t SB Nation]