Shaq Lawson still recovering from sprained MCL

It's a good thing the national championship game isn't until next Monday. Clemson defensive lineman Shaq Lawson might not be able to play otherwise. He is still recovering from a sprained MCL he suffered in the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma. He has a brace on it and has been able to get through practices, but he's been very sore after each practice.

"My goal is to play. I want to play so bad," Lawson said. "I am feeling sore, hurt right now. If I said we had a game tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to play. I'm just working to get better every day and hopefully by the time I wake up Wednesday or Thursday, I will feel a whole lot better."

Lawson said it hurts the most when he moves side to side (because that's where the MCL is in relation to the knee). He was injured on the second play of the game last week and had ice on his knee for most of the first half and took off his gear for the second half.