SMU player ejected following dirty off-the-ball targeting hit

Even in a rivalry game, hits like this aren't warranted.

Some targeting hits are honest mistakes. A player tries to make a hard hit on the ball carrier, and they go in a little too high and get called for a targeting call.

This was not one of those hits.

That is SMU safety Darrion Millines, and he completely unleashed on unsuspecting TCU receiver John Diarse after the Mustangs had intercepted the ball. Millines essentially fills all the requirements to draw a targeting call: launching himself, lowering the head, and delivering the hit to the head or neck area of the affected player.

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Considering that SMU had just made a big play with the interception, this is just an awful hit. What was Millines hoping to accomplish with it?

Diarse would stay in the game, and he racked up over 100 yards and a touchdown receiving for the night. Millines, of course, was ejected.

[H/T SB Nation]