TCU player hides in the endzone on kickoff return for a trick play

TCU is currently giving Oklahoma all they can handle in a Big 12 showdown that is tied at 24 at the half. After Oklahoma tied it at 21, the TCU special teams unit pulled off some trickeration on a throwback play. Not only was it a throwback play — a la the Music City Miracle — but TCU added the extra wrinkle of having one player lie down in the endzone to hide from the kickoff team's sight.

On the replay, FOX highlighted TCU's second return man lie down quickly to hide in the endzone before popping up to receive the throwback pass from the other returner.

tcu kickoff

There was a holding call on the play, but TCU still got solid starting position beyond the 30-yard line and got a field goal out of the drive. This isn't the first time we've seen a player lying down on a special teams trick play this season, but it's certainly the most successful.