TCU unveils three new 'frog-skin pattern' uniforms

TCU is looking to build off of its 2014 campaign by winning the Big 12 and leaving no doubt to the committee that they should be in the College Football Playoff. A lot will be the same for TCU in 2015, with 10 returning offensive starters, but they will have three new "frog skin" uniforms for next season.

The Nike press release for the uniforms says, "the cutting-edge football uniform and new design reflect TCU's aggressive defense, fast offense and an undeniable intensity on the field."

The white unis — which don't feature the pattern — and the purple helmet look pretty good, but I'm not really a fan of the purple and gray frog-skin uniforms. I'm not sure what "frog scales" are supposed to actually look like, but this looks like a weird mix of camouflage and Zubaz. I'm all in on making Zubaz a thing again, but this isn't the way to do it.