TCU Botched Fake Field Goal Against SMU Defies Logic

Comedy ensues when TCU holder Jordy Sandy completely botches fake field goal attempt in Iron Skillet win over SMU

Sometimes, a team can get too cute for its own good, and that's what happened to the TCU Horned Frogs on this awful fake field goal.

Early in the fourth quarter, TCU led SMU 27-10 in their annual battle for the Iron Skillet. The Horned Frogs were in the red zone and set up for a 25-yard field goal.

Then, inexplicably, they decided to fake it instead. What followed was a comedy of errors that will be talked about for years to come.

Holder Jordy Sandy slipped as he was attempting to get up. His knee hit the ground, blowing the play dead.

That should have been the end, but the nightmare continued for Sandy. Either he didn't hear the whistle or he was too focused on correcting his mistake. At any rate, he got up and threw the ball, which was intercepted.

Botched fake field goal attempts are nothing new, of course. Last season, the Bowling Green Falcons trailed 17-0 when they attempted one against Buffalo that backfired and resulted in points for the opposition. The touchdown was nullified after a block in the back, a fortunate turn of events for the Falcons.

Fortunately for TCU, their miscue didn't come back to haunt them. They won the game 34-17, and the interception didn't count since the play was blown dead. Otherwise, their fans may have stormed the field if their team had lost.

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