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Texas Governor rips Big 12 after conference tables expansion

Abbott is in his first term as Governor.

The Big 12 has a lot of explaining to do.

The conference officially punted on expansion on Monday, meaning that they will remain at 10 teams. This ends a several-month long saga that saw the Big 12 come off worse than when it started.

Among the people that are unhappy about it include Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who tweeted out that the Big 12 owes everyone an apology for failing to expand after this mess.

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As the Governor of Texas, it only makes sense that Abbott would want to see the University of Houston have a raised athletics profile by joining the Big 12. Abbott has also been to several Big 12 games across the state since he was elected Governor, so it's clear that his is willing to go to bad for his state's schools.

It was ruled earlier this year that conferences would no longer need 12 teams to hold a conference championship game for football, so the Big 12 didn't need to expand just for the sake of that. However, with only 10 teams, the conference is far behind the rest of its Power 5 counterparts.