Diehard Texas fan illustrates passion through Hook ‘Em tree carving

Hook ’em.

That is, of course, the sentiment shared by fans of the Texas Longhorns in support of their team, and there is even a convenient (and easy to display) symbol of their affection for the university using just one hand. However, a passionate Texas fan has taken things to a new level, seemingly spending countless time and/or money to invest in a tree carving of the famous symbol.

Anwar Richardson of Rivals brings the visual:

This. Is. Incredible.

Regardless of fan allegiance, the effort needed to put this together is mind-blowing, and it displays for all to see. In short, there is no hiding from this as a Texas fan.

Personally, I would like to know what the follow-up to this particular carving would be, and whether that would entail a life-sized portrait of head coach Charlie Strong or something of that nature. Alas, here we stand, and this Texas fan wins the internet on this particular day.

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