Arch Manning during the Texas spring game.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Arch Manning's Viral Shirtless Photo Has Fans Saying He's Jacked Now

Texas quarterback Arch Manning has clearly been hitting the weight room hard, and the internet took notice of his hard work.

What started as a simple meme on Twitter posted by Texas Longhorns quarterback Maalik Murphy has quickly blown up on social media, because fans can't help but notice the UT quarterback room is JACKED. More specifically, freshman Arch Manning is jacked, and his weight room transformation has everyone talking.

In fact, Arch is probably more ripped than any of his Super Bowl-winning uncles ever were. Did he officially kill the dad bod with one single photo? Maybe. Let's talk about it.

The Arch Manning Shirtless Photo That Has Fans Talking

And with that, Murphy gifted the entire internet enough content to last us the rest of the offseason.

For starters, this group has some serous muscles. Murphy, who's 6-foot-5 on the left, looks like he could play outside linebacker for Alabama. Quinn Ewers, the expected starter this season and the one on the right, also looks like he could truck a few defenders.

But the real star of the photo is Arch, second from the right. The 6-foot-4 passer is listed at 212 pounds on his Texas bio, much of which is clearly now muscle. The fact that he's only 18 but is more ripped than Peyton Manning or Eli Manning ever were is saying something. Naturally, the internet had fun with this pic.

Look, Arch may not start a single game this season, but if he keeps working out like he clearly is he should have no problem taking snaps when Texas joins the SEC next year. He's gonna need that weight if he wants to take hits from defenders on the likes of Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma.

Keep pumping that iron, Arch.

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