The Big 12 reportedly has a date in mind for announcing expansion decision

It's about time!


After several months of debating expansion, it looks like the Big 12 may be ready to announce their decision on Monday. According to several reports, the conference will be holding a press conference that day and the topic is expected over this whole expansion debacle.

And a debacle it has definitely been. While expansion was considered a good thing for the Big 12 when this process started, it has since turned into a nightmare. 20 teams applied to the Big 12, and the reportedly list of 11 finalists really left the Big 12 looking weak when compared to the other Power 5 conferences.

Seriously, potentially adding Rice and Tulane was not exactly a wondrous look for the Big 12.

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Since then, the Big 12 has reportedly waned on the thought of expansion, largely thanks to Oklahoma shifting positions on the matter. What once looked like a lock is no longer the case, and it wouldn't be shocking if the Big 12 announced on Monday that they were going to stand pat at 10 teams.

Whatever the decision, we will just be glad that this process is finally over.

[H/T NBC Sports]