This tweeted and deleted picture may hint at Big 12 expansion member

Is it really happening?

The Big 12 has been going back and forth on whether it will expand and add more teams to create a conference championship game in football. There is a Board of Directors meeting going on today and there is supposed to be an official announcement later in the day around 5:30 p.m.

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However, Will Hutto, who seems to be associated with Cincinnati, might have let the cat out of the bag. He tweeted out a picture hinting at the Bearcats becoming a member of the Big 12, but that tweet has since been deleted. However, here's a picture of what was in the tweet.

That picture was accompanied by this caption:

"Order came in from the presidents office, needed to be ready ASAP for a back drop for "something tonight" #UCtotheBig12? Stay tuned"

After he deleted the tweet, Hutto tweeted this out for clarification:

So maybe don't get too excited? Nah. We're still going to get pumped for the mega conference expansion.