Turn Down For Waffles: Texas Tech giving away 10,000 boxes of waffles

Texas Tech hosts West Virginia this Saturday at noon, and the first 10,000 students will get a free box of waffles.

They have titled the promotion "Turn Down for Waffles," which is pretty tremendous, but what is even better is the awkward video (above) promoting the promotion where the mascot dances with a sign to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What."

He also shakes a waffle box at us and makes it rain waffles on the camera (PSA: making it rain waffles will get you kicked out of a club, don't try it).

waffle rain

Texas Tech isn't the first school to make a promotion out of Turn Down For What. Tennessee does "Third Down For What" each time its defense forces a third down, and Miami did "Turn Down for Wings" earlier this year.

I would say free wings are better than free waffles, but in college I'd have been happy with free Ramen so I'm sure this will go over great.

(h/t CollegeSpun)