Watch: Kansas State player changes numbers mid-game against TCU

Kansas State wide receiver Dominique Heath wears jersey No. 4 for the Wildcats. Apparently in his spare time, he likes to go around masquerading as No. 87.

Heath was wearing No. 87 over his regular No. 4 in this situation. After the play was over, Heath went over to the sidelines, where a couple of assistants pulled off the No. 87 to reveal the No. 4 beneath.

To the untrained eye, this might be a completely confusing scenario, but Bleacher Report brought up a good point about why Kansas State probably did this.

This took place because college football teams have a lot of players on their rosters, with some sharing a number. However, no two players are allowed to be on the field at the same time if they are wearing the same number. That can occasionally be problematic when it comes time for special teams plays.

As it turns out, this is true for Kansas State. Heath wears No. 4, but so does defensive back Kaleb Prewett. Because Heath plays offense and Prewett plays defense, it usually is not a problem for the two to have the same number. But in the case of a special teams scenario where both guys could be on the field, a change has to be made for someone in order for both players to legally participate on the play.

Still, it is very weird to see a player just rip off one jersey, only to reveal a jersey with a different number underneath.

[h/t Bleacher Report]