2016's top recruit received a disturbing voicemail from a Clemson fan


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Some fans take their recruiting way too seriously and that was most certainly the case in this peculiar story. The top overall recruit in the nation, Rashan Gary, committed to Michigan and was down to the Wolverines and Clemson. Naturally, this caused some Tigers fans to get a little upset when he decided to head north.

According to a report from NorthJersey.com, Paramus Catholic High School's athletic department received a phone call directed at Gary at roughly 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 28. It went something like this:


"Yes, this here is 'Clemson Dan,' and this message is for Mr. Rashan Gary. We just wantin' to know if you're coming down here for a visit, you better be serious about it, 'cause there's only two things we love and that's Clemson football and the KKK.

So you better not be fooling around, if you're gonna get a visit, you better be committin'.

So, just be aware, this ain't no fooling thing. We Clemson. We big-time football down here.

We don't take no losers, no stragglers, no lazies, no dumb people...so if you're coming down here, you gotta do just like the KKK and be serious about your football.

So if you're coming down here, you better be serious. All right Rashan Gary, you better be the real deal. Over and out, this is "Clemson Dan" saying goodbye."

The incident is under investigation by Paramus police. The police have no suspects as of yet. No one is sure if this was a guy who was actually a Clemson fan or someone trying to dissuade him from going there, but it just goes to show that recruiting might be a little too mainstream and people are diehard recruitniks.


[h/t Sporting News]