Colin Cowherd slams the SEC in his latest awful college football take


Colin Cowherd is known for giving us the worst takes ever when it comes to the game of football. He thought Dak Prescott is better than Cam Newton, he called Clemson a playoff "fraud", thinks USC was a top four team despite three losses and thought the Vikings were the best team in the NFL after only five weeks.

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Now he's giving us yet another terrible take. This time he's saying the Big Ten is becoming better than the SEC and his reasons are actually illogical.

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So Cowherd is claiming that Auburn --- a Jekyll and Hyde team depending on who the quarterback playing is --- getting blown out by Oklahoma without starter Sean White is a big deal. Meanwhile, Florida and Tennessee blowing out Iowa and Nebraska, respectively, means nothing. You don't get to have it both ways and then get to dismiss Ohio State for meeting such a superior team.

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Not only did the Buckeyes get destroyed, but they didn't score a point! Even against a defense like Clemson's --- which gave up over 40 to Pittsburgh by the way --- OSU should have been expected to score at least a field goal. The Big Ten also finished with a 3-7 bowl record to the SEC's current 6-6 pending the outcome of the National Championship Game.

You can say the SEC's second-best team is worse than the Big Ten's, but Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue, Minnesota and Indiana still exist. The SEC's bottom tier of schools are still way better than those guys for now.