College GameDay confirms location for Week 7

This seems fair.

ESPN and College GameDay didn't need to wait for all of the Saturday games to finish before picking their location for Week 7. The GameDay Twitter account confirmed late in the day that they would be going to Madison, WI for the likely Top 10 matchup between Ohio State and Wisconsin.

This will be GameDay's first visit to an exclusive Big Ten game this season. This will be their second trip to Wisconsin, though, as the show went to Lambeau Field for Wisconsin's Week 1 win over LSU.

This was really GameDay's only choice for Week 7; Alabama and Tennessee will be another highly ranked matchup, but ESPN would have a hard time going to a Tennessee game for the fourth time in seven weeks.

20 years ago, Lee Corso started his head gear tradition by donning the Buckeye headgear prior to a game between Ohio State and Penn State. It looks like Corso will get a chance to wear the mascot head once again.