In a shocker, Colin Cowherd comes to the defense of the SEC over Week 1 losses

Didn't see this one coming.

Colin Cowherd has been a noted Alabama-hater over the past several years. So count us as surprised when Cowherd actually came to the defense of the SEC with Jason Whitlock on Fox Sports 1.

Why did Cowherd suddenly come to the SEC's aid after a rough weekend? Well, he was impressed with the teams that the SEC played in Week 1 compared to some other conferences.

"The SEC played USC and UCLA and West Virginia and Clemson and Florida State and Wisconsin, I mean, these are real teams," said Cowherd. "Seven of the 14 SEC teams played Power 5 schools, often on the road or on neutral field. The Big Ten played LSU and hot garbage."

Whitlock added on to the Big Ten hate parade at the benefit of the SEC.

"Five teams between the two polls. Coaches and AP, five Big Ten teams named in the Top 10. That's prisoner of the moment."

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To be objective, there was almost a process of elimination factor to figuring out this week's Top 10. Three Top 10 teams — Notre Dame, LSU, and Oklahoma — lost in Week 1, leaving some room for teams to move up. Those beneficiaries were Iowa, Michigan State, and even Wisconsin, who jump from unranked to the Top 10 in the AP Poll.

Should the SEC be punished for playing tough games in Week 1? Well no, but losses to South Alabama don't help. Regardless, it is weird for Cowherd to come to the defense of the SEC, even if he makes sure to get his usual potshots in there.