Iowa punt return controversy
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Iowa Got Completely Screwed on Controversial Call During Potential Game-Winning Punt Return TD

The Iowa Hawkeyes are known for having an incredible defense and horrible offense, and they lost in Week 8 on what some call "The Most Iowa Game Ever."

That headline comes from Barstool Sports, and oh brother, what an end to the Hawkeyes Week 8 home matchup against Minnesota it was.

It started with a punt return from 2024 NFL Draft cornerback prospect Cooper DeJean.

This punt return would've made the game 16-12.

Well, not so fast, the referees are obviously conspiring to never let the Hawkeyes score points in college football games because this punt return was called back.

It was called back for an "invalid fair catch."

As one X user pointed out, the referees seemingly did get the call correct. Still, it's a bit of a "ticky-tack" call that could've gone either way.

The NCAA rulebook states, "An invalid signal is any waving signal by a player of Team B that does not meet the requirements of [a valid fair catch]."

After this, the Hawkeyes offense had a turnover on the drive following this call being overturned. The team gave up a sack, then there was an incompletion, then quarterback Deacon Hill threw an interception. He finished the day completing 10 of 28 passes for 116 yards and that interception. The offense managed 127 total yards on the day.

From a betting angle, this game had a total of just 30.5, which was the lowest in FBS history. This game still managed to go under with 22 total points.

The Hawkeyes score less than 20 points per game, which is at 15 over their last three games.

Now, with two losses on their record, it's unlikely they'll be playing in the Big Ten Championship. They could've been highly entertaining to watch in the College Football Playoff if they made the Big Ten Championship, won, and had just one loss on their record, but here we are.

The Hawkeyes are on bye in Week 8 but return on the road against Northwestern in Week 9.

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