Jim Harbaugh is excited about Judge Judy's new contract extension as a "devout fan"

Jim Harbaugh's return to Ann Arbor as Michigan's head coach has also brought back Harbaugh's strange Twitter musings, and he most recently offered up a congrats and his excitement that Judge Judy got a contract extension through 2020.

Jim Harbaugh is not lying when he says he's a "devout" Judge Judy fan, back in 2013 he went to a taping of the show with his father and, as you can see in the video above, laughed heartily at one of Judge Judy's quips. (Side note: Judge Judy makes $45 MILLION A YEAR! HOLY CRAP)

Harbaugh sent that tweet out about an hour after he reportedly stopped on the side of I-94 to help pull a woman out of a wrecked car and giver her a coat.

Jim Harbaugh: a true American hero helping folks out of cars, taking shots at Urban Meyer and Ohio State, and proclaiming his love for Judge Judy.