Paul Finebaum calls out one coach as being 'overrated' after his team suffers blowout

Harsh words, Paul.

SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum has been critical of Jim Harbaugh's antics throughout his coaching tenure.

But after Saturday's blowout loss to Penn State, Finebaum officially dubbed the Michigan coach as "overrated." Here's what he said on SportsCenter Sunday morning per 247Sports.

"He's overrated. Jim Harbaugh, in the offseason, he'll go to Normandy, he'll go to Russia, he'll go to China, he'll save world peace by going to North Korea but right now he's a very average football coach."

Ouch. Harsh words from Mr. SEC. But he didn't stop there.

"He sucks all of the oxygen out of the offseason and he is currently tied for fourth in the Big Ten," Finebaum continued. "In the last 11 games, Jim Harbaugh is 6-5.

"Jim Harbaugh makes $11 million a year. His team is playing Rutgers. They're both tied right now for fourth in the Big Ten."

Michigan dropped to 5-2 overall and 2-2 in Big Ten conference play with Saturday's 42-13 loss to Penn State. However, the Wolverines still have remaining games against undefeated Wisconsin and rival Ohio State, which will undoubtedly be crucial to the outcome of the College Football Playoff.

If the Wolverines manage to pull off wins in both of those games, that could leave many fans satisfied, especially considering the team had to replace the majority of its starters on both sides of the football, including 10 on defense in 2017.